Disallow user to other user entries


I created a simple to do list app using appsgyver using facebook login option in composer 2. I was able to do build it completely without any problem, facebook authentication works fine. But why each user is able to view to do or data records of other users, this should not be allowed. User should be allowed to view his own created records or to do’s. Do i have to setup some permission or javascript to make this happen so that user can not view other facebook user records in the app.

Any help or some way around would be appreciated.



To achieve this, you will need to set up the permissions so that all users can create records, and then add Read and Edit permissions just for the creator of the record.

See http://composer-docs.appgyver.com/v1.0/docs/guide-users#creators-permissions for details and let me know if that doesn’t clear it up!


Hi thanks for the nice help

The instructions are much clear, but looking like that adding default permissions for creator is paid feature.

So let me elaborate what i did,

I went to Application Users area, ’

Here i can see creator’s permissions, but i can not add default permission as that is paid feature.

So i clicked on group named Facebook User which appgyver automatically created for me, i clicked on that and clicked on edit permissions, here i un checked all permissions and check marked “Create” only.

Do you think it can solve my issue? Or do this will require paid subscription?



You’re right – setting the default Creator’s Permissions is a paid plan feature. Sorry! I can hook you up with a 14-day trial if you like, but otherwise it’s not available on the free plans.


Sorry i got busy in some other tasks and was not able to reply here.

I know setting default permissions requires paid subscription and it is not possible to continue paid subscriptions at this time as i am still a beginner in the app development field.

Is it possible to implement the thing i need using some other way without paid subscription?



At the moment, unfortunately not. Sorry!


Ok understand. thanks