Get value of textboxes and other components


Is there a way to get the value of textboxes and toggle buttons in javascript code? I can’t manually set the ID for components to use document.getElementById() method
Thank you in advance!


At the moment, when you drag a component onto the app canvas, it gets an auto-generated ID hash. This hash won’t change unless you delete it, so you can retreive it by inspecting the phone canvas in the editor:

It’s a bit roundabout way now – being able to set the element ID is on the roadmap! Note that the id points to the containing <div> for the component, so the actual component code (as visible in the component code editor) is inside that element.


Also, what you can do is clone the component (by clicking on the clone icon that appears when you hover over it), and add a new property “id”:


Thanks Harri. That was really helpful