Hosted HTML as first page anonymous access with query string


We have an anonymous app the first page needs to do a db lookup based on the URL and query string used to access the page. Can’t find any docs on how to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction.


So, first whitelist the parameter for the page, let’s say name. Select the page, click Define Variables in the right-hand menu and add the parameter.

If it’s an AppGyver DB resource, you need to pass in a stringified query object. You can do that by defining a storage variable that will store the query, e.g. queryObj. Then, in the page load logic flow, you can get the parameter and store it into the query object in a function node:

var queryObj = {

storage.set("queryObj", JSON.stringify(queryObj));

Then, in the data tab, add a new query parameter called query and bind the storage.queryObj variable to it.

This will become significantly simpler in an upcoming release, but the above should work.