Is Cordova TouchID Pluginsupported in appgyver?


Hi guys,

       I want to have Cordova TouchID Plugin in my app. Can any one tell me whether it is working for anyne?

Please help me out it’s urgent guys.


We haven’t tested it ourselves – easiest way to try it out is to just include it as a plugin on the Build Service and see if errors pop up. Did you have a chance to go through the certificate/provisioning profile process yet to get your app all set up in the Build Service?


Thanks Harri for your reply. My app is fully functional in iOS and Android. I have all certificate/provisioning profile for iOS . My biggest concern is Some plugins code is in Angular 2 or some have .h , .m files . So I want to know if you can refer any particular site for using plugin though.

The plugins are aso not so informative , as I got Class not found exception for Android , but I was not able to get the issue resolved in google.


Can you give me the ID number of your app and I’ll take a look?


Yes Please that will be helpful AppGyver App ID: 142499


I checked and all your recent builds seem to have succeeded – did you try including the plugin?

In any case, this unfortunately starts to fall out the free support tier we can provide, as it has to do with a third-party Cordova plugin. I can take a look at the Build Service error message and see if there’s something obvious to point you in the right direction, but I can’t do deeper debugging, unfortunately.


Yes Harri I have included the plugin , please take the latest build and test it on android and a pop up will come with class not found . You can check for iOS also. There is no build error, only that while running cordova plugin code is not detecting.


Hi Harri,

The following build commands failed:
CompileC build/Release-iphoneos/Build/Intermediates/ Plugins/cordova-plugin-touch-id/TouchID.m normal armv7 objective-c
(1 failure)
This is the error I am getting . You can check the iOS build in latest deployed code of my AppGyver App ID: 142499
Please check and let me know.


Hi Harry,
Please check I have attached error log and reply asap