Multicolumn Component and Linked Fields


When using the multi-column component I would expect to be able to add fields from one-to-one linked tables, or at a minimum the display field of the linked table. This does appear to be possible. In fact, the relation field itself shows-up as an option for display and if it is chosen, when launched the app will spin while trying to load the list.

Please advise if I am missing something that would support the display of fields from arelated table.


This should be working fine, so let’s get to the bottom of this. Could you give me the app ID and permissions to peek inside to see the configuration? Would make it easier to see what’s wrong.


I don’t know how to give you the permissions. The App is The page is My Account. Look at the config for Identities multi-column list. The Resource is Identities. Identities are related to Users. Users have names . I would like to get at the name field since they are one-to-one. Thanks for helping.


I got the admin access (AppGyver employee here), no worires! I guess the app is currently not in an erroneous state? If you choose the User (or UserExtra, for that matter) field in the as an additional column for the Multi-Column List, does it not work? Can you give a screenshot of the erroneous state, or leave the app that way so I can take a look?


This is the design page: with attached image appgyvertouser.png

Here is the page when show: with attached image appgyverloading.png

Note I used the Connections table rather than identities. Impact is similar.



Yup, I can see the error now, somehow the code that fetches the user display name crashes. We are soon revamping the way data and especially data relations are done, but I’ll investigate and see if this could be easily fixed.


If you republish your app now, this should be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience, this turned out to be a recent bug that slipped in when we enabled pagination for the Multi-Column List module.


Fixed! Thanks for the quick turn-around!