Push notification sounds and red circle number


Hi, I’ve correctly setted an automation who sends Push Notification to my iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S, when two different webhook are posted. It works, sending me Pushes in both phones, but it only display the banner. No sounds are reproduced and no red circle with number of notifications appears on App Icon (I’m using obviously Enterprise Scanner app).

Why this? Where I’m wrong?


So?? I’m the only one to have this issue??


4 days…and no replyes…what a support!
Better to go away immediately from this product…


Or try the email support ?


Better late than never, sorry for missing this! The badge number and sound are currently not passed from our automation engine to the app, but this will be fixed in an upcoming version of the automation engine. You can use the window.plugins.pushNotification.setApplicationIconBadgeNumber() method in Logic Editor to set the badge number manually; see https://github.com/AppGyver/PushNotifications for details. There’s also example code for playing a sound.