Query REST API using Raw JSON in Payload


We need to call a REST API (POST) endpoint using the following RAW JSON payload as an example:

“key1” : true,
“key2” : “6ccfcf78-0935-4d44-9784-73f8c27cbb98”,
“key3” : “sick”,
“key4” : “a07e1f0e-ca81-48f3-b55c-b3bd1bd197ed”,
“dateTime” : 1469671878,
“key5” : “1955be22-e1da-4dfd-843d-cedb82f4b547”

However there appears no way currently where I can paste the raw JSON payload on the UI.
Again - the data sent via POST needs to be the “raw payload”(application/json), not form-encoded.
Any suggestions if this can be done using Composer?


One option is to just make an AJAX request from within the app with e.g. the Custom JavaScript logic editor action – we don’t unfortunately yet have a prepackaged method for that, so you’ll have to write the code yourself.

If the activity can be a new record created (which you can also trigger with supersonic.data. programmatically"), then you can hook up a HTTP request automation action and paste your data there.

What is the use case specifically? I.e. what does the user do / what happens in the app that triggers the POST?