Rename CRUD Pages


I would like to rename a Page of a CRUD Page Group, but there is no button for it. Can I do this with Java Script or HTML?



You can easily rename the underlying data resource, which will change the page names, but overriding the title requires a bit of hacking.

Basically, there’s a hidden component that loads and sets the navigation bar title. You can create an (ugly) hack around that by e.g. adding the following script inside a Custom HTML component (it overrides the navigation bar title every 50 ms for 3 seconds, which should be enough time):

var interval = setInterval(function() {
    { title: "My title" }
}, 50);


Again, this is a very ugly hack, so use it at your discretion. :slight_smile: Being able to override the navigation bar title in a sensible way is upcoming!


Thank you for your help, but it doesn’t funktion. That means the title is still the title of my Database.

But I have noticed, that when the components are loading, then for a short moment (maybe 1 second) the title is “My title”. Unhappily it changes again to the name of my Database, when the page is loaded.

Maybe my note helps you, to find a solution. :slight_smile: