Show older versions not show in android build


I am using the older version 4.0.6 which is compatible with my device but now its not showing option “Show older versions” in the android build.
Please see this link there is an option but now its gone and can’t even build with v4.3.2
This is my error log please help me in.


We had to take the old versions offline due to some changes in Build Service that wouldn’t have been possible to backport. Composer apps should work fine with the newest version – are you building a Steroids app? Are there any custom plugins?


Yes i am using steroids app. So what you suggest what i need to do?


Removing any 3rd party plugins should work – we are not able to guarantee compatibility for all PhoneGap plugins, so the only option at the moment is to find replacements or modify the existing ones to work – there seems to be something going on with the Facebook plugin based on the log, for example.


I don’t use the PhoneGap plugins. I only use the steroids & supersonic scripts. I think the appgyver is not reliable for cross platform apps. I build my app in appgyver and now i am stuck to update a change on it. I have only a way to build my app in any other platform and delete my account on appgyver. Right? That is the only way i have.